7th NORNA Conference Proceedings

November 20th

1300                Welcome, Lars E Magnusson, President NNF

1315                Setting the Navigational Standard, Willy Zeiler, C-MAP Norway

1345                GPS and indoor coverage, Alexander Mitelman, Nordnav Tech.

1445                EGNOS status, Gro Grinde, Norwegian Mapping Authority

1515                New Developments in the SWEPOS Developments, Gunnar Hedling, Swedish Land Survey

1545                Analysis of GNSS signal availability for road pricing, Anna B O Jensen, Anna Jensen Geomatics, Denmark

1615                Can I rely on my Satellite Navigator? Lars Giske, Norwegian Space Centre

1645                Extraordinary General Assembly NNF


November 21th

0900                A-GPS (Assisted GPS) is it the system we need for indoor Location and Navigation?  Lars E Magnusson, Telia

0930                Rockness Accident, Arne Martin Sagen

0945                Panel Discussion

1045                Marine Navigation. The Human Challenge of Modern Navigation. Dr – Ing Volker Koehler, SAM Electronics, Hamburg

1115                ECDIS - Too Fast, Too Furious? Roy Wollvik, Norwegian Hydrographic Service

1300                Primar Stavanger, Kjell Birkevold, Norwegian Hydrographic Service

1330                Galileo status and services, Lars Giske, Norwegian Space Centre

1400                Advantages of using GNSS for positioning in offshore applications, Ole Ørpen, Fugro SeaStar

1500                The Digital Fairway, Anders Bergström, True Heading AB, Stockholm

1530                LFV –Improving the Air Navigation Service, Anders Erzell, Swedish Civil Aviation Administration

1600                Electronic Navigation in Coastal Waters, Marius Schønberg and Dan Greve Skjoldal, Norwegian Naval College, Bergen

1630                Summing Up, President NNF